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Special Products

Comingled Roving


Comingled Roving is a two component roving made of E-glass fibers and thermoplastic filaments. It could be described as a kind of continuous fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic prepreg by a premixing process along the fiber direction. Comingled Rovings or Textiles are transformable with the addition of heat and pressure into high performance composites, which could provide recyclability, high glass content, high mechanical performance, and excellent impact resistance.

Comingled Rovings or Textiles are suitable for a variety of processes including compression molding, laminate molding, vacuum bag molding, silicone rubber diaphragm molding, filament winding, and pultrusion, etc. The Composites made from comingled rovings are applied in aerospace, transportation, construction, and industrial consumables.

附件:Comingled Roving


Pre:Low Dielectric Fiberglass HL-GLASS


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