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SUPGF fiberglass filter material wrapped with film


Chongqing Polycomp International Corporation (CPIC) that entered into fiberglass industry in 1970 was the earliest (in 1986) manufacturer using direct method to produce E-glass fiber. As a highly developed state-owned enterprise that specialized in fiberglass manufacturing, CPIC possesses world-class production equipment and technology and well-trained professional staff and loyal suppliers. CPIC can provide the following fiberglass products: thermosetting fiberglass, thermoplastic fiberglass, spun yarn, fiberglass mat and composite product.

SUPGF fiberglass filter material wrapped with film is independently developed by Chongqing Polycomp International Corporation. High-end glass voluminous filter material wrapped with film, launched in 2015, can be widely used for thermal power generation, coal-fired boiler, refuse incinerator, metallurgy, chemical industry, soot black field, etc. compared with ordinary products, it has such advantages as high durability, high adaptability and high performance-cost ratio.

attachment:SUPGF fiberglass filter material wrapped with film


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Add:Jianqiao Industrial Park B,Dadukou District Chongqing,China


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