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CPIC Launched High Strength and High Modulus Fiber:HT-Glass

Date:2013-02-21 11:38

With more and more demanding requirement of customers on the mechanical performance of products, and as the price is very high for carbon fiber, aramid fiber, S2 and other high performance fiber; HT-glass with high tensile strength and good cost performance came into being. Dependent on its 5 independent R & D teams, CPIC continue to use the boron-free and fluoride-free formula, and has integrated the unique glass melting process and special fiber forming and molding process, thus having successfully produced the high performance HT-glass fiber.

HT-glass is also of excellent fatigue resistance and relatively good radar wave transparency, with high impact resistance and stable chemical performance. The introduction of HT-glass marked a new stage in CPIC’s R & D of high strength and high modulus fiber.

This fiber is another high property fiber introduced 3 years since CPIC introduced the high modulus TM-glass fiber in 2009. The density of HT-glass is 2.45-2.52g/cm3 and it is of higher specific strength. Compared with the traditional E-glass, the tensile strength, tensile modulus and softening point of HT-glass have been greatly improved.

At present, HT products are mainly direct roving and high strength electrical yarns. Due to its outstanding comprehensive performance, the market of HT products is very promising. Based on its above performance characteristics, HT-glass fiber is mostly applied to missile engine housings, gun stocks, launcher barrels, bulletproof armors, helicopter blades, shuttle linings, plane floors and large wind blade frames, etc.


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