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CPIC Became Fiberglass Supplier for 1st Datang FRP Chimney

Date:2012-10-31 12:31

On Jul. 16, CPIC signed Purchasing Contract of Fiberglass Product for FRP Chimney of Datang Hutubi Thermal Power Plant 2×300MW Project with Datang Hengtong Machinery Conveyance Technology Co., Ltd. All contractual products are ECR chemical-resistant fiberglass with product specifications of direct roving, unidirectional cloth, surface mat, glass cloth, gun roving, chopped strand mat, etc.

ECR is the abbreviation of E-Glass of Chemical Resistance. CPIC is the first enterprise that uses tank furnace wire-drawing method to continuously produce ECR fiberglass in large scale. Due to its formula, ECR has excellent chemical resistance, and because its softening point is largely raised in comparison with common E-glass, ECR has good chemical stability and thermal stability, which enable the use of ECR fiberglass under rugged environment.

Datang Hutubi Thermal Power Plant 2×300MW Project is an overall contract of China Datang Technologies & Engineering Co., Ltd. and its total investment is roughly estimated as RMB 2,630,000,000.The smoke is treated by limestone wet desulfurization process (FGD scheme) and the post-treatment smoke has many characteristics – low temperature, high humidity, strong acid corrosion and serious moisture condensation. According to survey, in the similar projects that were constructed and put into operation in China in and before 2009, more than half of the chimneys and flues appear with different extent of acid liquor leakage and corrosion after a short time of operation.

The chimneys of foreign power plants, at present, mainly adopt with FRP materials. In recent two years, telescope-feed chimney made of titanium steel composite plate emerges from other anti-corrosion chimneys in domestic projects. However, the construction cost of such chimney is relatively high, which is easy to cause industrial monopoly of supplier and other problems. With the continuous improvement of FRP process and manufacture technological level in China, the scheme that chimney inner barrel adopts with FRP material becomes mature. Compared with chimney inner barrel made of titanium steel composite plate, the chimney inner barrel made of FRP material has many advantages, such as light weight, low construction cost and stable anti-corrosion property (the construction cost of conventional titanium steel inner barrel is over RMB 20,000,000, while that of FRP inner barrel is about RMB 14,000,000 with 1/3 of cost saved). Datang Group decides to adopt FRP chimney inner barrel in Datang Hutubi Thermal Power Plant 2×330MW Project and takes such project as a plot project.

The adjustment of anti-corrosion scheme for chimney makes Datang Hutubi Thermal Power Plant 2×330MW Project the first domestic project that adopts the anti-corrosion technology of FRP chimney. Because the ECR fiberglass of CPIC has excellent anti-corrosion property, it is the overwhelming choice for raw material of FRP chimney. CPIC will continuously devote itself to research, develop and promote innovative application and new materials for anti-corrosion material of chimney inner barrel.


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