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CPIC Shanghai Office Relocation Notice

Date:2012-04-09 13:24

CPIC Shanghai Office was relocated to Room 1813, Floor 18, Tower A, Yujing International Plaza, No. 69, Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai on Apr. 2, 2012. The personnel are increased to four persons, and the functions will be further strengthened. The customers will be provided better before-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. The personnel list and contact information are described as follows:

Name  Tian Jianli

Post  Office Director

Tel  021-50475970

Fax  021-50475969

Mobile  13883552291

E-mail  cpictjl@cpicfiber.com

Name  Chen Runjun

Post  Business Manager

Tel  021-50475971-8002  021-50475972-8002

Fax  021-50475969

Mobile  15105162211

E-mail  chenrunjun@cpicfiber.com

Name  Zeng Xiangchao

Post Business Manager

Tel  021-50475971-8011  021-50475972-8011

Fax  021-50475969

Mobile  13761396523

E-mail  zengxc@cpicfiber.com

Name  Li Quancheng

Post  Technology Engineer

Tel  021-50475971-8001  021-50475972-8001

Fax  021-50475969

Mobile  13983169405

E-mail  cpiclqc@cpicfiber.com


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