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CPIC Obtain its First Patent License Overseas

Date:2014-03-25 15:29

   On March 1, CPIC received the notice of allowance about the licensing of our invention patent. TM fiberglass has been granted US invention patent, and its application No. is US13381969. It is the first time that CPIC obtains a patent license from the IPO abroad, making a breakthrough in the grant of patent license abroad.

   In terms of parameters, TM fiberglass, the CPIC’s patented product, has satisfied the advanced international standards, filling the gap in the high-strength and high-modulus fiberglass field in China. In 2010, the TM fiberglass has received the Germany GL certificate, an international certification in the wind energy industry. For the excellent performance and good reputation, the fiberglass has been put into mass production soon and been widely used in the wind blade field, especially in the large wind-power blade, which successfully realizing key source materials localization and setting a deep root for wind power development in domestic market. At present, by being regularly purchased for warp knitting fabrics manufacturing by some leading companies such as LM and NODEX, this product occupies a share of 20% in domestic wind power market. and achieves sound economic and social benefits. As a new strategic product developed by CPIC, the TM fiberglass with high-strength and high-modulus, is not only used in large-size composite structural components, large-diameter pipes and CNG cylinders but also in military, aerospace, high pressure pipeline, automobile, and rail transit.




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