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Chongqing CPIC goes global

Date:2013-03-13 16:13

In May 2011,Chongqing Polycomp(CPIC),one of China’s three largest glass-fibre production bases,acquired a100% holding in Brazilian glass fibre producer OCV Capivari Fibras de Vidro from Owens Corning Group,the world’s largest fiberglass company.The acquisition is the first of its nature by a Chinese state-owned company,and it enables CPIC to enter the Brazilian and South American markets.The purchase follows Owens Corning’s announcement to sell the facility in September 2010.When it acquired Saint-Gobain’s reinforcements and technical fabrics businesses in 2007,Owens Corning anticipated that it might be required to sell the Capivari facility, one of more than 30 in its global network.Capivari Fibras de Vidro’s main business is the production and sale of glass-fibre products,as an Owens Corning group model plant. It has a complete industrial sales network throughout Latin America,from technical to management functions.

CPIC Brasil Fibras De Vidro Ltd. Was founded on 18 May 2011 with a clear intent to globalize.The company has a significant local production capacity and a strong production,sales,R&D and management team.This enables CPIC to offer more options to its customers within different markets,especially Latin America customers.Cold weld repair procedures on its furnace in 2012 provided CPIC Brasil with improved stills and an enlarged product range.The company was set to restart production last December.To meet market demand,CPIC will invest further in the Brazilian supply chain.

The company’s glass-fibre products-E glass,ECR glass,ECT glass and TM glass-are used widely in  construction,decoration,automotive,medical equipment,sports equipment,food packaging,aero applications,mechanics and electronics.


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