Continuous panel moulding

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Continuous panel moulding process is to impregnate unsaturated polyster resin with fiberglass through continuous moulding sets, and then continuous panel shall be obtained with specific cross shape through heating, moulding and curing of the template. Specifically, continuous fiberglass roving cut into fixed-length fiber through the cutter shall be scattered on resin layers (or the chopped fiber mat shall be applied on resin layer) and impregnated with gum for heating; an anti-ageing film shall be placed on the upper part so that a sandwich zone can be formed between fiberglass and resin layer of upper and lower layers. The sandwich zone can be shaped through different cross templates and placed into the curing oven for shape fixation. Then the shaped glass reinforced plastics panel shall be cut.

Compared with other panels, FRP panel has such advantages as light weight, high intensity and excellent impact resistance, especially the unique light-transmitting performance and section designability.

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