Yarn Industrial Fabric

The industrial fabrics with thickness of 0.03mm-1.3mm are mainly manufactured, and the specification can be adjusted according to the customer demands; 2. The strength can be increased by about 20% as per the special requirement of customers; 3. The indus

Products catalog
Product CodeWarpWeftThread count (/inch)Thickness(mm)Weight(g/㎡)WeaveData sheet
106D900 1/0D900 1/056*560.035 25Plain 
112G150 1/0G150 1/060*520.240 151Plain 
113D450 1/2D900 1/260*640.095 86Plain 
116D450 1/2D450 1/260*580.100 110Plain 
128E225 1/3E225 1/344*310.175 203Plain 
141G75 1/2G75 1/232*220.265 295Plain 
1080D450 1/0D450 1/060*470.065 48Plain 
1086D450 1/0D450 1/060*600.060 128Plain 
1161D450 1/0E110 1/0100*480.133 130Plain 
1165D450 1/2G150 1/060*530.125 122Plain 
1528G150 1/2G150 1/244*320.180 210Plain 
2000G37 1/0G37 1/023*230.200 246Plain 
2001G75 1/2G75 1/232*300.260 330Plain 
2113E225 1/0D450 1/060*560.080 79Plain 
2116E225 1/0E225 1/060*570.096 105Plain 
2520H25 1/0H25 1/020*200.220 3252/2Twill 
3732G37 1/0G37 1/046*330.310 4254HS 
3784G37 1/2G37 1/246*350.670 8758HSDownload
3788G37 1/4G37 1/444*331.230 170012HS 
5430G75 1/0G75 1/035*300.150 180Plain 
7530G75 1/2G150 2/331*220.275 345Plain 
7628G75 1/0G75 1/044*330.180 210Plain 
7630G67 1/0G67 1/044*310.220 225Plain 
7638G75 1/0G37 1/044*250.265 290Plain 
7581G75 1/0G75 1/057*540.240 3008HS 
7781DE75 1/0DE75 1/057*540.240 3008HS 
7577DE75 1/2ET6-285R48*400.670 750weft backed weave 
620G75 1/3G75 1/339*380.390 6408HS 

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