Thermoplastic Direct Roving

Long fiber reinforced technology (LFT) is more and more widely used in thermoplastics. CPIC adheres to the technical advantage in reinforced thermoplastic chopped strand, keeps up with the development of LFT, and finally develops special LFT direct roving

Products catalog
Product CodeResin CompatibilityCompostie Manufacturing ProcessProduct Features Data sheet
4305PMPPLFT-G、LFT-DStandard product, Direct roving for LFT&LFT-D, Well manufacturing process, low fuzz, good dispersion, effective reinforcement,free from NPEDownload
4305NPPLFT-G、LFT-DModerate hardness, low fuzz, more suitable for high speed traction and the technology of each hole through more rovings; excellent conversion, effective reinforcement;Download
4305SPP片材Sheet for PP, good dispersion, effective reinforcementDownload
4303PBTLFT-G、LFT-DStandard product for LFT-PBT\PET, Surface treated by special sizing;Good use of technology;Perfect mechanical properties;Good compatibility with resin ,NPE freeDownload
4305DPPLFT-DFormed by white color, boron and fluorine free glass. Compatible well with PP resin. Compared with traditional fiber for PP, excellent strand integrity and dispersion, compatible well with resin,good abrasion resistance, good use of technology, Download
4301RPALFT-GFor PA fabrics, meet requirements for fabrics processing and mechanical properties. ;Good dispersion,Low fuzz .NPE free.Download
4300APA、PP、PBT、PC、ABSASDouble screw extruderMultifunctional direct roving, suitable for double screw extruder processing;Adopting special designed silane coupling agent , compatible well with kinds of resins. Excellent mechanical properties. NPE free.Download
4301HPALFT-GDirect roving for PA, Excellent mechanical properties and glycol resistance, white color of the pellets Download
5301HPPA、PP、PBT、PCDouble screw extruderMultifunctional direct roving, suitable for double screw extruder processing; Excellent glycol resistance; Excellent glycol resistance; Excellent mechanical propertiesDownload

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