Thermosetting Direct Roving

The direct roving manufactured by CPIC is continuous single twistless roving used for hand lay-up, filament winding,pultrusion, and weaving processes.Such roving is applicable to unsaturated polyester resin (UP), vinyl ester resin (VE), phenolic res

Products catalog
Product CodeGlass TypeResin CompatibilityCompostie Manufacturing ProcessProduct Features ApplicationsData sheet
469HTECTUP、VEpultrusionSaving creel space due to high TexLarge FRPDownload
469LECT/ECR/TMUP、VEfilament winding,pultrusion, knitting/weaving,Low fuzz,excellent strength and fatigue propertiesWinding Pipe,Pultrusion Profile,Optical cable reinforced core, wind energy fabrics.Download
469PECT/ECR/TMUP、VEpultrusionExcellent StrengthPultrusion Profile,Optical cable reinforced coreDownload
468ECT/ECR/TMEPprepreg Excellent Strength,appropriate softnessWind energy blade,Sports Ware.Download
468AECT/ECR/TMEPfilament winding,pultrusion, compatible with EP-anhydride curing system,good electrical insulation performance,appropriate softness,good for weavingPipe,pressure tank,insulation tubeDownload
468GECT/TMEPfilament winding,knitting/weaving,excellent strength and fatigue propertiesWind energy EP bladeDownload
468GEECT/TMEPknittingWet out 、wet through and fatigue propertities better than 468GWind energy EP bladeDownload
468TECT/TMEPfilament windingBest to use in IPDA cured epoxy resin ,good boiling resistance property and also can be used in anhydride cured resin.Epoxy pipe、CNG tank etc.Download
468HSECT/TMEPfilament winding,pultrusion, Low fuzz、Both fit IPDA and anhydride cured epoxy resin systems.Pressure vessel、CNG tank etc.Download
465ECT/TMPFfilament winding,pultrusion, knitting/weaving,Good combination reaction property with PF.Excellent laminate strengthEvacuation platform、antiflaming profilesDownload
467RECT/TMPUfilament winding,pultrusion, Less migration、Good mechanical property、Low fuzzPU poles and pultrusion profilesDownload
467WECT/TMPUknittingGood associativity with PU、Excellent mechanical and fatigue properties.PU wind turbine bladeDownload
469HECTUP、VE、EP、PUfilament winding,pultrusion, knitting/weaving,coatingLow fuzz、Good strand integrity、Fast wet out、Excellent tensile strength and fit for many kinds of resins.Cable protective sleeve、Pipe and profiles etc.Download
469EECT/TMUP/VEpultrusion, Pultrusion of composites products with good shear performance、folding resistance、temperature and boiling resistance Pultrusion float、Reinforced optical core、Tent pole and profiles etc.Download
468BECT/TMEPfilament winding Good properties of blasting、fatigue and boiling resistanceHigh pressure EP pipeDownload

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