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New Products
  • Low VOC environment friendly SMC product ECT55T
  • ECT55T is a kind of SMC roving produced by employing ECT glass and a special coupling agent. ECT glass is a kind of boron-free and fluoride-free high performance glass, and it is obviou...
  • Color fiber
  • Color fiber product is a new fiberglass textile with various colors. By virtue of great color stability and clear spatial pattern, it can be widely used for household appliances and dig...
  • Direct roving 4305S exclusive for PP sheet
  • 4305S is developed specific to PP sheet process. Special impregnating compound is employed for surface treatment and 4305S is made from bright-shade glass which conforms to REAC...
  • TM+ fiberglass
  • Upgraded from TM fiberglass, TM+ fiberglass improves the stretching strength and modulus of elasticity. TM+ fiberglass is designed to reduce the weight of large-sized wind power blade...
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